Using xltm and xlsm excel-templates

For excel based output documents we can load xlsx-based templates . But if our excel template uses macros (VB) we do have to save them as an “Excel Macro enabled” template (xltm) or workbook (xlsm).For example : for hiding or unhiding cells depending on their content in excel.
Is it possible to use xltm or xlsm-based templates in ProntoForms and not only xlsx templates?

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for submitting this.  You are correct in that ProntoForms currently only supports xslx templates, although I understand how macro-enabled templates would allow you to build documents that are significantly more dynamic and can adapt to the content of the form. 

    We're currently looking at some new ideas for documents.  I'll keep you posted here with any updates.

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