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I would like to have the option of a bilingual form. Which mean that either with the user options, team options or a field (English or French) directly in the form could trigger every question text to the selected language. So  in every question in my form i could enter different text for every language i want to support.


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    Erin Longhurst

    Hi Simon,

    Unfortunately, we do not support multi-language forms at the moment. It's definitely something we're looking into, so I really appreciate your feature request. I'd love to hear more about your use case if you were willing to share.

    Would there be localization/regional considerations that would require different information presented to the mobile user depending on which language was selected? e.g., would a French user in Quebec have different questions for compliance with Quebec regulations than an English user in Ontario?

    Would you want the reporting on the form submissions to be the same, i.e. count both French and English in the same pool of data to report on?

    Would the data from form submissions have to be routed differently depending on the language selected?

    Again, I would love to hear more about how you envision this working, as this is something we're very interested in.


    Erin Longhurst

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    Simon Beaudin

    No regional consideration it would be more on a client to client basis.

    The form submissions should reflect the language choosen in the form

    No need for me to routed the differently, we're a bilingual company and everyone need to understand both language


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    Anton Eklund


    We would also greatly benefit from being able to do one form with multiple languages. At the moment all countries have their own devs and own forms in their language which is not such a big problem, but we have for example Switzerland where the same guys are taking care of both the french and the german speaking parts of the country. Therefore they always have to do double the work when they launch a new form.

    A button to select language within the form would be great! Even better if you could change the language while you are editing without having to redo the form.

    Best regards,

    Anton Eklund

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