Select Which Question Answers From Forms Will Show In The Scheduled Data Export File

This post is regarding creating the ability to select which pieces of data are included in the columns of the csv export file that comes weekly, or whichever you select to your email.

Right now every question answer comes through on the form, but it would make the data entry on the back end far easier if just the information we wanted to pull from the form came through and if we can select that in the export schedule options.


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    Danielle Morley

    Thanks for submitting this request  -- I understand that choosing which answers are included in the scheduled export file would make that file easier to read.

    Question -- do you have someone referring to that file to manually re-enter that data into a backend system?  I wanted to make sure that you are aware of our data destinations, which can automatically enter collected data into many 3rd-party systems after each form is submitted.  (And, if it's a system you feel we can't connect to that way, I'd love to hear about what it is!) 

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    Admin Penner

    We like the feature that allows us to receive an email every week with last weeks submissions accumulated in one file.  Currently we have to go into that file and copy and paste the data we actually want into another excel spreadsheet which is where that information gets used.

    The other spreadsheet has custom formulas, forms, and macros.

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