Feature Request - Formatting Text in the 'Information' Question Type


I'm hoping you will create a way to format text for question type 'Information', which does get answered, so that it will stand out on the mobile version for users to see.  Or add a different type of information box that can be formatted.  For example, if I have a question, 'Was there a fatality?' and it is answered 'Yes', I'd like to use conditional formatting to have text appear that is bold and red, so that it stands out from the questions.  It would say something like 'This is a level 3 emergency.' I don't want it to be overlooked, and there is a lot of black text that is all the same size when you have multiple questions on a page.

Thank you,

Romana Cowden

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Romana,

    Very shortly we'll be releasing a feature that will allow you to format question text.   It won't support colours, though.

    However, it sounds like what you're looking for already exists -- we call it Exceptions: https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000783666

    Does that meet your need?

    (As a note -- I have removed your contact information for your post -- we generally advise not to post this information in public forums for privacy reasons (ProntoForms is able to contact you directly without you posting it).


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