Character limit option on filenames

It would be helpful when creating the filename of a document through DREL expressions to be able to limit/trim the filename after generation to a specific character limit. This would help avoid errors in document generation when posting to OneDrive/Google Drive. 

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Ricky,

    Thanks for your request.   Do you know, is the error you're receiving about the length of the filename, or the file path in its entirety?  The reason I ask, is I'm more familiar with systems objecting to the length of the file path, but I would be afraid to trim that in the event that it alters the file path enough to send the document to the wrong folder. 

    Are your file path and file name composed of answers from questions in the form? I am assuming that is the reason they are an unpredictable length.  

    If the fields that make up the filename are manual entry fields, would it help to set a character limit on those fields in the form?

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