Feature Request: Export/Share form definitions to third party accounts


We need to be able to clone (or share) a form definition(s) between different ProntoForms accounts.  The simplest explanation would be to say that we have created a form but want to deploy it to third party sub-contractors.  

DataSources - most datasources will be our content and may change a little over time. However there will be some (sample location, technician name etc) that will be dependent on service area which should be populated and updated by the sub-contractor

Distribution - destinations will most likely be both ourselves and the sub-contract company.  API access could also be either party.  At the moment standard document formats and standard V2 json are sufficient for our needs. (A custom DREL report may be require in the future.)

For each sub-contractor we should have the option to prevent access to the actual form definition.


  1. Export a form definition and re-import it within the sub-contractor account.
  2. Create a Formspace and Share the forms in it with the sub-contractor account.  

Option 2 is more attractive because it gives us control over form versioning and does not rely on the third-party to complete the configuration process correctly.  In this case it would be important that there is a unique API ID / Secret pair for each FormSpace.


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    Danielle Morley

    Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing this request with us.

    Approach #1: is something we can support for you today.  We don't give this option out by default, because we don't want folks to edit those form definitions outside of the form builder, but if it is purely for copying forms across accounts we could enable that for you.    Please contact support@prontoforms.com   if that is an option that works for you.

    Approach #2: that's certainly something we have though about and have seen occasional demand for.

    A question for you, for my understanding.   Today, you can make certain users essentially "FormSpace Admins" -- so that they only own and have access to a particular FormSpace -- which is how customers typically control access like this.   

    I'd love to understand what you believe are the gaps between that and what you are looking for.   It sounds like API key access is one key difference -- would having an API key scoped to a particular formspace, combined with the above permissions, solve this for you?

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