Set answered questions to read only once answered

  • information about the problem you would like to solve

I have written conditional logic to incrementally hide options, however, if a question is answered Yes, then users change the answer to NO, both THEN statements execute, resulting in all options are hidden.

  • enough detail for others to understand the problem

Example: IF question 1 = YES, then Option 1 is ignored, Else Option 2 is ignored

Users select Yes, to question 1, then immediately change to No, now Option 1 and Option 2 are both ignored.

  • the context or environment - is the problem happening in the web portal, and if so, which page? Is it happening in the mobile app, and if so, is it in iOS, Android, or Windows?

All, mobile app, IOS, Android

  • who is impacted by the problem - are mobile users having this problem, or form builders, or administrators?

Form builders

  • any suggested solutions.

Allow target of IF to also be target of THEN, this will allow me to write logic statement: IF question 1 = answered, THEN question 1 is read only, ELSE question 1 is not read only



Another solution would be to make conditional logic only execute based on last answer selected instead of all answers selected.



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