Centralised Image quality settings

We've found that when we updated the Prontoforms app the image resolution changed to medium even though we set it to small. This has caused us issues because the larger images have made the forms too large to send to clients.

It would be helpful if the image quality settings could be controlled centrally through the admins account so we know that the image settings are correct on each device.

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for submitting this request.

    It sounds like you are leveraging the image quality settings on each individual user's app, which they control themselves.

    Generally, we recommend that you control image quality in your forms, instead; any settings in the form will override the settings in the mobile app:  https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022215271-V2-Data-Type-Attachment#QualSetting

    That setting is per individual question, and the form builder defaults to add some compression.   The reason that we offer options on a per-question level is so that, if most photos don't need to be incredibly high quality, you can lower the settings on those questions so you can collect more photos.  But if one question requires higher quality because the photo will contain important details, you can adjust the quality settings higher for just that one photo.

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