Handheld Barcode Scanner instead of accessing device camera

We are looking to add a ProntoForm to our chemical packaging part of our business to track re-usable container fleets on behalf of our customers. These containers have become more regulated, and have to be tracked by age of the container, which makes a paper flow option nearly impossible to track.

Each container has a unique barcode, and for us to have a fixed location for the device in which two people can populate the form at "the same time" would be the only way this would work for us. An small iOS device is just not practical to be passing back and forth, but just a handheld scanner with the device fixed to a position near the filling line would make sense.

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for submitting this.  I'd love to hear more details about your use case, and what you think the user interaction would look like.

    In cases like you're describing, I've seen a requirement that goes a bit beyond what we do today.   For example, I've seen the requirement to scan a large number of barcodes without interacting with the app in between... today, you would still need to interact with the screen between each barcode to move to the next question. 


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