Data source driven dropdown questions-apply conditional logic to set data source options

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I want to be able to have a dropdown question use data source for options, then have conditional logic set answer for dropdown question with its data source options.  This will expedite form updates, only requiring updating of data sources instead of having to update conditional logic.

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Currently have data source CSV, options for dropdown question "Item Mark Up":  3 options, 1, 2, or 3.  When using conditional logic, choosing action for dropdown question "Item Mark Up" set to, the data options are not available to select via the conditional logic.

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Allow conditional logic "set to" action to choose options provided via a data source.  "set to' would choose the position in the data source, allowing the data source to be updated and still provide same functionality in conditonal logic rule I.E. IF x = example, then y is set to excel cell B1 value.  This way as B1 value is changed, the data source input file can be updated without having to rewrite the condtional logic.

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi Lucas,

    Thanks for the thorough request.

     Are you able to set the value of the dropdown to a "constant"? (if you type into the dropdown, "1", it will show up as an option you select).

    Of course, that only works when you know the contents of the data source.   I don't have a solution for you today for not needing to adjust conditional logic when you add more items into the dropdown.

    Some things to be cautious about if you are setting values in a dropdown like this... 

    The tricky part about surfacing the actual dropdown options in there, is that data sources often change very independently of forms -- so an option that is in the data source today might be gone tomorrow.  Of course, that entirely depends on your use case and what kind of data is in your data source. 

    One thing that would also be a problem, if you're setting answers in a dropdown based on conditional logic, is that conditional logic won't take into account the fact that a dropdown with a data source might be filtered based on previous answers, so that option might not actually be available to select. 

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