Export data about FormSpaces and Forms

It would be very useful for an admin of multiple FormSpaces to be able to export data (like it is possible about 'Users' and 'Submissions') about the Forms and FormSpaces. Having many developers developing forms in different FormSpaces not talking to each other it would be good to be able to get this overall view of what is being developed where to for example see if somebody is building similar forms unknowingly that somebody else has already done it.

Data that would be good to be able to export is "FormSpace", "FormName", "Status of form (active/draft)", "Comment on form" and "date created/edited". Also, any other data might also e useful.

Would be best if this could be done for the whole account in one click and not only for each FormSpace at a time since there could be quite a lot of them. As export format .csv could work well!


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