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Repeatable sections are not efficient when working with large data sets.

As the number of entries in the section grows, the performance of the app drops off drastically. At 200-300+ entries, selecting and loading an item in my repeatable section can take 4-5 seconds, and then another 5+ seconds to save changes to that time (video available!) As the number of entries increases, the response time drops off even further, and some strange bugs start to manifest on the iOS app when I get to 500+ entries (changes not saving, items visually (but not functionally) duplicating, the order of items in the section not being preserved, etc.)

My users also express frustration with having to "drill down" into individual repeatable section entries just to check off a single checkbox. This is less of an issue with small data sets where the performance is good, but on large data sets its extremely frustrating with the slow down.

Affected Users: Anybody using repeatable sections, especially with large data sets.

Environment: iOS (to a lesser extent, Windows), untested on Android

Suggested Solution:  

Create a "Table" section that functions like a limited-feature repeatable section (without any question types that wouldn't work in a table format). Just the ability to interact with checkboxes, text boxes, and dropdowns in a "Table" view would be a massive productivity increase for my users.


This is a similar request to one made in 2014: https://support.prontoforms.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208286898-Add-Table-Data-Grouping-or-Nesting-Support

Repeatable Sections was the answer to that request, but as I said above, I don't believe repeatable sections are the ideal solution for large table-based data sets where user interaction is usually limited to a simple pass/fail checkbox or other limited data entry.


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    Thomas Vandersteen

    This is a growing issue for us also, where we have 30 or so repeatable sectionsin a single form, as the form is populated especially with image questions, the performance of the application slows to a crawl,

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    Anton Eklund


    This might also help us! We have not yet experienced problems with app getting slow, since we do not (yet) have forms with that many questions. But we have another problem that this might solve.

    We have one form where testers need to test same things with different values and previously they have been using a PDF with a table where they fill in the values. Now when we have switched to ProntoForms, we built the same form with repeatable questions. It works, but I have gotten feedback that it is slower to do, and it is not as easy to view the table before submitting. Filling directly in a table would make it a lot quicker and would make it easier to check for errors when you can see the whole table.

    For us there would need to be vertical and horizontal labels, and then fields where you can write text or numbers. Like this:


                      Header 1       Header 2      Header 3       Header 4   

    Case 1   |     Value      |      Value      |      Value      |      Value      |

    Case 2   |     Value      |      Value      |      Value      |      Value      |

    Case 3   |     Value      |      Value      |      Value      |      Value      |


    There might be a problem to fit it nicely on a mobile screen if there is a lot of columns, but the whole table might not have to be visible, instead you could scroll left or right perhaps?

    Hopefully this is something that you can at least take a look at and consider implementing! :) I think there is a lot of other uses for a table in a form!

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