Date/Time Selector Additional Functionality



following situation:

We are using a form to invite another business unit within the same company for a meeting on the construction site.

Therefor, I would like to have additionally to the existing Properties of saying: Date needs to be in the Future, the option to say how many days the date needs to be minimum in the future.

So if I want to invite the other business unit for a meeting and today is the 01.04.2020, I'm (for example) not allowed to choose any date from 01.04.2020 till 05.04.2020 but only from 06.04.2020 onwards to give the other party enough time to react (accept/decline) the invitation. In this case the minimum would be 5 days in the future.


Right now, I can only set that the date needs to be in the future.

Attached screenshot shows which function needs to be developed.


I believe that can be a good functionality for other usecases and customers of Prontoforms as well, and should not be too hard to implement :)


Thank you very much!


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