Better way of bulk dispatching actions to users from within forms.

I have a form with 57 templated questions that can be answered "Satisfactory" "Unsatisfactory" or "Not Checked"

If the answer is "Unsatisfactory" further action is required to make it satisfactory - often this is assigned to another person  (answered in the form "Assigned to:" (Labeled "ActionPerson"). 

I want to be able to conditionally dispatch a followup form for for each user assigned an unsatisfactory with a due date, text field, and picture of resolution once it has been completed.

I can do this by having a templated action item form also with 57 questions and by default the questions are hidden unless by using conditional logic and the questions are answered "Unsatisfactory" then they are shown with additional resolution questions..... I do run into the issue of having to create 57 different data destinations to look for who to dispatch the form to....

I put in a support request in the past to see if a better way has been developed to do this.... support indicated there was currently no better way to do this at this time...

I am requesting an in form conditional dispatch functionality that does not require building multiple (57 in this case) data destinations and potentially multiple unique action forms to dispatch into.... 

Example of Question Blocks in completed form (note: these items were not checked and would not trigger a dispatch)


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