Submissions easier to navigate

The submissions need to be easier to navigate.


We do inspections - my guys will do 4 - 8 well reports a day (for example) and when I'm looking for a specific report on the submission page I just have this list of useless information - unique id, date, etc.

I have to "send for edit" the report to myself to make any changes (spelling, missing info, etc) which means they all wind up having my name attached to them.

The supervisor then reviews the pdfs to make sure no one said anything dumb and i have to find that inspection again to make any changes.


The unique reference number is not very helpful when i'm looking for a particular submission - usually i'm looking for a particular submission where I know the address (which is a field on the form) but not the ridiculously long unique id.

There should be a way for the reference number to incorporate a field

and/or for there to be a column on the submission list page that would let me pick a field for that page to show


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    For an example of how the submission side could be easier to navigate look at a program called zoho forms

    It doesn't work without internet which makes it unusable for my field guys but the back end, especially the "entries" and "reports" side is so much easier to use.

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