Sharepoint-List Destination and Source for repeatable sections

Hello team,

we need a feature to include repeatable sections in a sharepoint list destination. We have some continuous documentation of site progress, we would like to use the same data destination as a datasource to integrate former forms into a new form.

This gives us the possibility to have several documents (and also reference numbers) per elevator. When we reopen the form we unfortunately have no reference number tracking.
I thought about putting everything into a sharepoint list via data destination and when reopening it, I could use daily fetch to write the data from a sharepoint list back into the repeatable sections when creating another form for the same order.
Best Regards,
Christopher Kreissler

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    Anton Eklund

    Hi! We haven't heard any updates regarding this topic in a while and were wondering if it is going forwards? We have some major implementation projects on hold due to repeatable sections not being supported by Sharepoint List. If there wont be any solution in the near future we will need to start thinking about alternative ways to make it work. We have already put a lot of work into this and there seems to be a lot of other customers as well in need of this feature. Hopefully you find a solution soon!

    Best regards,
    Anton Eklund

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