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I am requesting that the stamp data feature of the Sketch tool question type be applied similarly to the signature field question type. For compliant signatures any signature must have the username, time/date of signature, and reason applied. The sketch tool allows for too much flexibility when using it to apply a scribble signature. Someone could Block text in place of a hand written scribble signature which isn't really appropriate.

Additionally, the sketch and or signature fields are not allowed to be set to read only conditionally. This makes review "in-app" difficult because if the form is dispatched to another user for in-app review, the secondary review could alter the signature. That is a HUGE gap. We are forced to hide the signature filed upon secondary in-app review. Less than ideal, so the reviewer has to open a pdf copy to verify that someone didn't draw a rainbow for their signature.

Finally setting up a question type that might leverage a stored signature in their user profile and allows Okta time of application signature passcode verification. Meaning if there was a question type that could allow someone to type in their user credentials to generate an electronic passcode signature, that might be a nice additional feature since the infrastructure to use SSO is already there for logging into the app.


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    Mike Brassington

    I second this request. This type of functionality would also be very useful for us.

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    Erin Longhurst

    Hi there!

    I like your idea of applying the ability to stamp data onto sketch images onto Signature questions; it's something we've considered before, but couldn't find a good, user-friendly method of applying it and making it compliant while fulfilling the other request of signature images not being sent alongside sketch/photos/files to the destination. I'll definitely take a look at it again.

    Being able to lock or make a signature read-only is definitely a request we've been considering for quite some time, due to its role in compliance and data security.

    To make sure I understand the last section of the request-- could you explain what you mean by 'Okta time of application signature passcode verification'?

    I'll keep you posted about any development in this direction. Thank you so much for your request.


    Erin Longhurst

    Product Manager, Client & Localization

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    Alex Olson

    Sure Erin, thank you for the response.  In other 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software that I have used, when applying what is referenced as a "Digital Signature" a secondary authentication source is typically required.  I do understand PF position about the scribble and app login as satisfying this requirement.  However application of signature is generally regarded as "point of use" meaning time of application is important. 

    For example, when logging into a userform, working in it for 2 hours then applying a signature creates a disconnect timing wise.  This is why vendors that supply digital signatures manifestations require the secondary verification at time of application as someone else could be operating the terminal over the course of the 2 hours and the secondary verification ensures compliance/user authenticity when a scribble isn't present or available.

    To further clarify.  The secondary Okta time of application verification could be used for true eSignature manifestations instead of just a handwritten signature.  

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