Visible/hidden on reports in conditional logic


Shortly, we would like to have the option "hidden on report" added into the conditional logic, like the other options required, visible and read-only.


Problem: We have a form for ordering material with separate fields for each material and the user just fills in how many pieces of the material in question they need to order. In some cases they order just one or two out of many hundred items. If we always include all items in the final report (even though they say 0 pcs) the report will be super long and the person reading it might miss an item that has something else than 0 pcs.

Solution: If we could make all questions that are un-answered or answered with a zero "hidden in reports" the final report would be much more clear since it would include only the necessary options. At the moment you can change the status of three of the four property checkboxes (required, visible and read-only), but we would like to also edit the fourth one. This would enable us to make conditional logic rules like "IF item 1 IS not answered THEN string concatenation 1 (with the text "x pcs of item 1") IS hidden on report". This would enable us to only include those questions that have been answered.

Note: We would need it for question type String Concatenation, but I think it would be good to add to all question types.


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