Date format on documents and mails

Hello Team,


unfortunately it´s just possible to make a custom date format for PDFs, it would be great to have this on every single document type. We use for example some Excels as Documents and there is it not possible.


Nearly every European country writes the date in dd.MM.yyyy or dd/MM/yyyy, so it would be great to make this exactly like the PDFs where you can set this under "Formatting"-"Answer Format".

It would be also great, if I push the date in a custom mail, that this date would also be in the style i want/need.


Thank you very much!
Best Regards

Christopher Kreissler

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    Maciej Orlicz

    Hello everyone,


    Just to add to the above request, it also would be nice to be able to change date format on Date Selector control type.




    Kind regards,

    Maciej Orlicz

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