Have conditional logic be able to filter answers based on previous questions

As a company we currently have two divisions, Indiana and Virginia. We have our Groups established by Division, but our Formspaces are also divided by Division as well as by purpose. The struggle for our company is that, based on division, our field guys would have different possible answers to the same question. Also, all our forms export into Excel, and we have a complex analytics system that reads and interprets all the collected data.

I understand that I can ask a DIVISION question at the beginning of my form, and based on conditional logic, I can turn on and off questions that our field guys would answer. For example, Question 1 – What division are you working in? (Indiana or Virginia). Question 2 – What is the project location? (Indiana list only). Question 3 – What is the project location? (Virginia list only). However, if we expand to a new territory, say Ohio, it significantly muddies the data export and how that data is read (creating new columns, rearranging how the data is read and sorted, etc.)

For us to simplify our Groups and Formspaces, and have one form for all divisions, no matter how many divisions we expanded into, I see two possible solutions, but I am open to other thoughts.

Option 1: Right now, each question must have its own unique “Label”, and each Label translates into a separate column in the data export. This option would allow us to force unique questions to have the same Label (and thus place their answers into the same data column).

Option 2: Refine conditional logic to be strong enough that, when Question 1 (Division) is answered, a separate and unique list of potential answers was available. (For example, if they chose INDIANA, then they have the choice to answer A, B, or C, but if they chose VIRGINIA, they could only choose from X, Y, or Z.)

With either option, the result would be the same. Column 1 would be the Division Question and Answer. Column 2 would be Project Location. And it wouldn’t matter how many divisions we created.


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    Eric Hainey

    You can do this by utilizing Data Sources and "Filter Options" under the "Options" tab. We utilize this functionality heavily in our organization for different personnel titles.

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    James Marsh

    Interesting. I'll have to look into that. I asked our Customer Support Manager, and she apparently wasn't aware of this feature, so she had me post a feature request. I use Data Sources heavily, so I just need to figure out Filter Options. Thanks!

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