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It be nice to see ProntoForms overhaul the UI and App and get it more modernized. I have demo's quite a few Inspection / Form software's, and I will admit ProntoForms nails it on the technical features, but the overall UI visually aesthetics by far is lacking compared to its competitors. Making your portal easier to use, a splash of better colors, simplifying the navigation experience. There just a lot of stuff compared to other portals that make ProntoForms seem dated every time I use this platform. Makes me question did we pick the right platform that is keeping up with the times. 

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    Erin Longhurst

    Hi there!

    We'd love to hear your feedback and get your opinions on where we could improve. Would you mind if I contacted you directly?


    Erin Longhurst

    Product Manager - Client & Localization

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