Pages/Questions can be made visible/hidden based on a question's responses Mike Frederick 19 comments 37 votes Completed
conditional logic in questions Brian Moore 17 comments 21 votes Completed
Automatic Reconcile Ryan Loewen 12 comments 18 votes Completed
Have the ability to make a field "Required" based on the answer in another field. Patricia Richards 11 comments 16 votes Completed
Repeating Pages Walter Vodeb 8 comments 15 votes Completed
Variable amounts of questions Andy Faulkner 5 comments 15 votes Completed
Merging forms or copying questions to another form. Robert Oliver 7 comments 13 votes None
Add ability to change font and use bold or italics on forms Patricia Richards 13 comments 13 votes Planned
Automatically send forms awaiting processing from the outbox Makram H 3 comments 9 votes Answered
Reference Number Generation N/A 4 comments 9 votes None
Multiple data source filters John de Stigter 6 comments 9 votes Completed
Preview on the mobile device, before submitting Thomas Esters 10 comments 9 votes Completed
Drafts Synced Across Devices Michael Figge 3 comments 8 votes Planned
Counter in repeat sections Jens Busse 3 comments 8 votes None
Add Table, Data Grouping, or Nesting Support Tiffany Patterson 6 comments 8 votes Completed
Unique URL to launch specific Forms on device Liam OhUiginn 2 comments 8 votes Completed
Tables on a form N/A 2 comments 8 votes Completed
Include a message(text) , in the email data destination body Makram Hakim 6 comments 8 votes Completed
Custom .CSV Export Chris Hegler 2 comments 8 votes Planned
Editable Dropdowns When Referencing Data Source unassigned_005 5 comments 7 votes None
Ability to format the "Summary Report" unassigned_007 4 comments 7 votes None
Radio Button for IOS Tracey Osland-Howard 0 comments 7 votes Completed
Make Browser Tabs More Informative User: Bill C. 6 comments 6 votes Completed
Ability to copy data destinations from one form space to another Matt Werner 2 comments 6 votes Completed
Grid Views and Tables Thanos Stamatopulos 4 comments 6 votes Completed
Portal Dispatch Interface Matt Arnoux 1 comment 6 votes Completed
Set default value on pick-list form controls Sinan Serifov 1 comment 6 votes None
Ability to Embed images into the main form and not in the help section Garath Buckingham 8 comments 5 votes Completed
Feature Request: Dynamic Addition to DropDown List Jerry Phillips 4 comments 5 votes None
Increase Data Source Batch Fetch Time Frames Chris Jordan 4 comments 5 votes None