Pages/Questions can be made visible/hidden based on a question's responses Completed
37 votes 19 comments
conditional logic in questions Completed
21 votes 17 comments
Automatic Reconcile Completed
18 votes 12 comments
Have the ability to make a field "Required" based on the answer in another field. Completed
16 votes 11 comments
Repeating Pages Completed
15 votes 8 comments
Variable amounts of questions Completed
15 votes 5 comments
Merging forms or copying questions to another form.
13 votes 7 comments
Add ability to change font and use bold or italics on forms Planned
13 votes 13 comments
Drafts Synced Across Devices Planned
9 votes 3 comments
Automatically send forms awaiting processing from the outbox Answered
9 votes 3 comments
Reference Number Generation
9 votes 4 comments
Multiple data source filters Completed
9 votes 6 comments
Preview on the mobile device, before submitting Completed
9 votes 10 comments
Counter in repeat sections
8 votes 3 comments
Add Table, Data Grouping, or Nesting Support Completed
8 votes 6 comments
Unique URL to launch specific Forms on device Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Tables on a form Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Include a message(text) , in the email data destination body Completed
8 votes 6 comments
Custom .CSV Export Planned
8 votes 2 comments
Editable Dropdowns When Referencing Data Source
7 votes 5 comments
Ability to format the "Summary Report"
7 votes 4 comments
Radio Button for IOS Completed
7 votes 0 comments
Make Browser Tabs More Informative Completed
6 votes 6 comments
Save Draft to ProntoForms Server, Make Draft Accessible Within User Group Planned
6 votes 11 comments
Data destination-Microsoft Excel Not planned
6 votes 0 comments
Ability to copy data destinations from one form space to another Completed
6 votes 2 comments
Grid Views and Tables Completed
6 votes 4 comments
Portal Dispatch Interface Completed
6 votes 1 comment
Set default value on pick-list form controls
6 votes 1 comment
Ability to Embed images into the main form and not in the help section Completed
5 votes 8 comments