[ProntoForms] ERROR: Data Record Processor Execution Failed - File Extension Problem

Originally from ticket #54943.


Problem was with the file extension of one of the attachments. It appeared as 'PNG' in the JSON so I modified it to 'png' and reprocessed successfully.



Can you take a look?

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Begin forwarded message:

From: "donotreply@prontoforms.com<mailto:donotreply@prontoforms.com>" <donotreply@prontoforms.com<mailto:donotreply@prontoforms.com>>
Date: March 1, 2015 at 5:30:09 PM CST
To: <jon.smith@acme.com<mailto:jon.smith@acme.com>>
Subject: [ProntoForms] ERROR: Data Record Processor Execution Failed

Problem Details:

* Data Record: 20150226-1819602482
* Processor: PersistData
* Error Message: Execution Failure: Processor 'Save Data' failed to execute: System Error: There was an error that caused your request to not be completed properly. Please try again, and contact Support if the problem persists. (ID JL-ISE/89ff64d3-b0ed-4783-9634-121e076b22ef) (ID 89ff64d3-b0ed-4783-9634-121e076b22ef)


* View the Data Record<https://live.prontoforms.com/data/1819602482>

Hello Jon,

I have fixed this one as well now. Same problem as the one from earlier on. A decimal value that the system was unable to process due to the way the Windows Phone operating system handles it.

Best regards,


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